Case "Magique Pinot Noir"

  • Red
  • from 2012 to 2017
  • Whole World
MAGIC PINOT NOIR Pinot Noir Wolrd Tour from 2012 to 2017 wooden case of 6 bottles 75cl

wooden case of 6 bottles 75cl: 166,67 €wooden case of 6 bottles 75cl

No other grape variety than Pinot Noir can express with such diversity the qualities (soil, exposure, climate) of the place where it is planted. This is why he has since conquered the whole world from Europe, from the United States to New Zealand, from South Africa to Chile, Australia and soon China.

Like a chameleon, the pinot noir can be fine and fruity as in Burgundy, rich and voluptuous as in California or intense and delicate as in New Zealand. And reveal countless floral and fruity aromatic variations: rosehip flower, violet, rose petal, morello cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blackcurrant, black cherry, wild plum, etc., etc.

It is a six-step round the world trip that we offer you in a mixed box:

  • France (Bourgogne) BERTAGNA Vougeot Les Cras 1er cru 2012
  • Germany (Pfalz) Friedrich BECKER Rechtenbacher 2013
  • United-States (Californie Santa Cruz) BIRICHINO Lilo Vineyard 2014
  • Chile (San Antonio) VENTOLERA Leyda Valley 2014
  • New-Zealand (Marlborough) DOG POINT Pinot Noir 2016 BIO
  • South Africa (Hemel-en-Aarde) CRYSTALLUM Mabalel 2017
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