Case "Vignobles CHANFREAU"

  • Red
  • from 2014 to 2016
  • Moulis / Listrac
Vignobles Chanfreau La caisse "Vignobles Chanfreau" de 2014 à 2016 wooden case of 6 bottles 75cl

the 6 mixed bottles: 75,00 €the 6 mixed bottles

In the shadow of the great classified growths of the Médoc, a number of family-owned growths at the head of beautiful terroirs are still resisting land pressure by diligently producing sincere, classic, unvarnished and sometimes even high quality wines that age with charm.

Thus, the Chanfreau family has been present since 1962 in the heart of the Médoc on the Listrac and Moulis appellations and passionately defends Médoc authenticity. Under the impetus of a new generation (the 4th), their wines have certainly gained in flesh and depth in recent vintages.

It is this progress confirmed by the recent classification of two of their châteaux as crus bourgeois exceptional (Lestage) and superior (Fonréaud), which we invite you to discover through a mixed case (1 bottle of each wine).

- Le Cygne de Fonréaud 2015, a crystalline white wine from Listrac, reputed as the historical archetype of dry white wines from the Médoc (mainly Sauvignon Blanc),

- Château Caroline 2016, 7 ha in Moulis, delicate wine of great finesse, typical Margaux (majority Merlot),

- Clos des Demoiselles 2014, 4 ha in Listrac at the highest point of the Médoc (43m all the same), a charming wine (mostly Merlot),

- Château Lestage 2014, 42 ha in Listrac, a cru bourgeois easy to approach and consensual (majority Merlot),

- Lestage Chêne Besson 2016, plot selection of 4 ha on the upper part of the Lestage gravel hilltop, for more density and depth, fat tannins, (mostly Merlot).

- Château Fonréaud 2016, 32 ha in Listrac, flagship of the Chanfreau properties, distinguished and suitable for the best ageing (Cabernet-Sauvignon majority). Rated 91/100 in 2016 by Neal Martin (Vinous).

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