Brut Cuvée n°745

  • Sparkling white
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  • Champagne
Champagne JACQUESSON Brut Cuvée n°745 ---- bottle 75cl

bottle 75cl: 45,83 €bottle 75cl

This Maison, well known to insiders, shines at the top of the Champagne hierarchy. Produced on a 31-hectare vineyard, its cuvées restore with finesse and purity the potential of their respective terroirs. Coming from 3 Grands Crus and 2 Premier Crus, elaborated only from the first press juices, vinified in tuns, almost always unfiltered, the cuvées 700 are great Champagne wines offering a remarkable ageing potential. The number corresponds to the vintage on the basis of which the cuvée is made: 743 = 2015, 744 = 2016..., supplemented with reserve wines.

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