Terms of sale

Our website is a faithful reflection of our semester selections "Spring-Summer" (online every April 15th) or "Autumn-Winter" (online every October 15th).

The prices mentioned are VAT included. included (European Union), at the current rate (20% since 01/01/2014).

The wines offered are deemed immediately available in our cellars in Bordeaux or Libourne, within the limits of our stocks and except sale in the meantime.

Bottle blending is totally free and unrestricted but, in order to meet transporters' requirements, it is preferable that the total number of bottles ordered be a multiple of 6.

In the case of a collection directly at our Bordeaux winery, no shipping costs are due. It is preferable to inform us of your arrival.

The prices are free of port from 48 bottles delivered to an address in continental France (consult us for Corsica and the French overseas departments and territories). In the case of a shipment of less than 48 bottles, the flat-rate contribution to shipping costs is:

   • 24.00 € from 1 to 47 bottles,
   • carriage free from 48 bottles.

We can also ship wines to the main European countries in special air transport packages:

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain
   - 48.00 € incl. VAT for a package of 1 to 6 bottles
   - 96.00 € incl. VAT for a package of 7 to 12 bottles
   - for each additional 6 bottles: + 48,00 € incl. VAT

Baltic States, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Rep.
   - 61.00 € incl. VAT for a package of 1 to 6 bottles
   - 122.00 € incl. VAT for a package of 7 to 12 bottles
   - for each additional 6 bottles: + 61,00 € incl. VAT

Denmark, Sweden
   - 76.00 € incl. VAT for a package of 1 to 6 bottles
   - 152.00 € incl. VAT for a package of 7 to 12 bottles
   - for each additional 6 bottles: + 76,00 € incl. VAT

Switzerland, Andorra, Liechtenstein (sale excluding VAT)
   - 76.00 € ex. VAT for a package of 1 to 6 bottles
   - 105.00 € ex. VAT for a package of 7 to 12 bottles
   - for each additional 6 bottles: + 3000 € ex. VAT

United-Kingdom : on request, and only to a bonded warehouse

For more than 24 bottles, we recommend using more competitive road transport depending on the destination (price on request).

To place your order, you must compose your basket then with the choice :

   • or pay online by credit card (secure transaction). In this case, we will inform you by e-mail that your order has been taken into account and the shipping date. If a wine is sold out, we will reduce the amount charged to your credit card by the same amount.

   • or edit your order form and send it to us by mail with your payment by cheque or money order payable to MAISON DUBECQ. In this case, we will immediately send you the invoice corresponding to your purchase and informing you of the shipping date. If a wine is exhausted, we attach to the invoice a bank check refunding you of the amount collected in excess.

The wines are shipped by road carrier for delivery within eight days. In the event of absence at the delivery, the carrier will leave a notice of passage and it will be enough for you to contact him for a second free presentation.

All wines shipped are systematically insured by us. If you notice any damage or loss on delivery, mention specific reservations on the carrier's packing slip (the mention "subject to unpacking" is of no legal value) and inform us immediately.

If necessary, Maison DUBECQ will ensure the replacement of wines or refund in the event of unavailability.

Corked bottle

If, after decanting or serving a bottle, it proves defective, close it (even half full) with the incriminated cork, with the inside facing inwards.
If it is a French wine, send it by parcel post directly to the producer with a short letter of explanation (circumstances of purchase, conservation, tasting). The producer can thank you for the information you provide, and after analysis, replace the bottle.
If it is a foreign wine, contact us and we will take care of the replacement.