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New classification of the crus bourgeois (Médoc)


Following the cancellation of the previous classification in 2007, the historical classification of the crus bourgeois du Médoc had been replaced by a simple label issued annually.

The new classification is a return to tradition: now valid for 5 years (from the 2018 vintage to the 2022 vintage), it once again distinguishes the crus bourgeois according to a 3-level hierarchy.

  • After blind tasting five vintages, 249 "crus bourgeois" were selected from the eight Médoc appellations.

  • Among them, 56 Châteaux obtained the title of "crus bourgeois supérieurs", including several that are present in our selections: Lousteauneuf, Lamothe-Bergeron, Du Retout, Fonréaud, Deyrem-Valentin, La Tour de Mons and Tour des Termes.

  • At the top of the pyramid, only 14 crus have been awarded the highest distinction of "crus bourgeois exceptionnels", including Belle-Vue, Charmail and Lilian-Ladouys.

While we can only welcome this new classification, which is more permanent and more legible for consumers, we nevertheless regret that many distinguished Médoc growths did not wish to be part of it (Sociando-Mallet, Gloria, Ormes de Pez, Haut-Marbuzet, Poujeaux, Chasse-Spleen...). But perhaps they will be there in 2025... ?

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