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Ukrainian resilience


Ukrainian winegrowers are as resilient as the rest of their people.

Like Mrs Tsybak, director of the Beykush estate, located on the Black Sea halfway between Odessa and Mykolaïv:

« Beykush is a family-run vineyard covering just 13 hectares and located two kilometres from the occupied zone. When war broke out last year, we were uncertain about our viticultural prospects and devoted ourselves to maintaining the vineyards. September 2022 produced high quality grapes thanks to dry, warm weather, with no problems in the vines. Based on last year's success, we plan to increase our production by 20% this year, thanks to two additional hectares that are reaching maturity, despite the missiles flying overhead ».

However, there are now fewer than 100 active winegrowing operations in Ukraine, compared to 180 18 months ago.

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Disappearance of the label Les Grandes Murailles


The latest Saint-Emilion classification (2022) confirmed Clos Fourtet's rank as a 1er Grand Cru Classé.

At the same time, the INAO has given its approval for the merger of Clos Fourtet and Château Les Grandes Murailles under the single name of Clos Fourtet. The merger of the two properties will be effective as of the 2022 harvest, resulting in the disappearance of the Grandes Murailles label during the next Primeurs campaign.

The two properties have always been closely linked, first by their geographical proximity (the Grandes Murailles parcel is adjacent to the Clos Fourtet vines), and then by the acquisition in 2013 of Château Les Grandes Murailles by the Cuvelier family, already owners of Clos Fourtet. Since then, although vinified separately, the two wines have benefited from the same constant care and expertise by Matthieu Cuvelier's team.

The great typicity of the Grandes Murailles wines (asteriated limestone terroir, 100% merlot, 30+ year old vines) will bring a little extra uprightness and elegance to the future blends of Clos Fourtet, which is already one of the most refined wines in the area!