2022 Futures

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Please see below "Futures campaign".

The logo "bio" indicates the wine in organic culture in official under reserve of certification after bottling.

The campaign "Futures 2022" will stop on 2024 July 31st, in the limit of the available stock.

In the category « Long keeping », we gather all the wines of the vintage 2017 that will have, according to us, an ageing potential of at least 20 years (even if they will reach their peak before). This category is thus intended for the (very) patient ones with a great cellar, or for those who will have something to celebrate in 20 years (or more).

The ability to age well is the preserve of the finest wines, but more affordable wines can also have a great ageing potential due to their excellent vineyards, the grapes varieties used or to the winemaker’s will. The ageing varies as well depending on the temperature of the cellar (the colder the cellar is, the slower the wine will age) and the bottle’s size (wines in large containers like magnums will age slower and longer than wines in bottles).